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Fun Guy

FunGuy - Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar - 4 Gram

FunGuy - Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar - 4 Gram

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Fun Guy Chocolates, Your #1 Functional Mushroom Chocolate in the USA

Fun Guy  Chocolates are the creamiest and sweetest mushroom edible candy bar in the United States. Our Fun Guy chocolate bars are made from a blend of the extraordinary Funguy Blend infused into the creamiest and most delicious Dark chocolate bars made with the best cocoa. Over the years Funguy Chocolate Bars have grown in popularity due to its amazing reviews. We make it our priority at our Funguy Chocolate factory to provide our customers with the best and nothing less. Our Funguy mushroom chocolate bar is composed of 35% psilocybin which has proven to have amazing benefits for our health. We make sure to provide our clients with the healthiest and most delicious form of mushroom supplement with our Funguy chocolate bars. Excellence has always been our goal, hence we bring to you a premium product the Funguy Chocolate Bar.

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