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My Dose : Medicinal Psilocybin & Adaptogen Tea - CHAI HIBISCUS - 3.15 Grams

My Dose : Medicinal Psilocybin & Adaptogen Tea - CHAI HIBISCUS - 3.15 Grams

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Comforting cinnamon, cardamom, and clove spices are brightened with tart and brilliant hibiscus in a curiously frisky blend. Try with a splash of your favorite oak or almond milk. 

- 9 Bio-degradable sachets

- .35g Psilocybin each

- 3.15 grams total

- Psilocybin Product Only! No THC


Heat 8 oz water to 150-200 degrees F. Add tea bag (sachet) and let sit 5-10 minuets and enjoy!

Dosing Schedule:

We recommend a one day on and one day off schedule but some will find that their body needs more time to recalibrate between doses. Try moving to every third day if you find the effects to reduce over time


Green matcha tea, butterfly pea blossoms, moringa leaves, turkey tail & psilocybin mushrooms.

Increase Wellness:

Evidence has been found to show psilocybin use by humans dating to 9000 BC. Increased openness, removal of addictions, reduced depression, and increased creativity are commonly associated with its use.


All our teas are loaded with adaptogenic therapeutic mushrooms tested to provide a consistent user experience. 

Once you find the dosing method that works for you, our teas can be trusted to give you the experience you expect.

Our proprietary blends are formulated to provide calm energy, and focus along with spirit in easy to brew traditional single serving tea bags.

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